January 26, 2020

Where to buy cheap Apple iTunes gift cards in the UK

Buy cheap iTunes gift cards to topup your iTunes Account

If you spend money on iTunes, iCloud or AppStore, then you should be buying cheap iTunes gift cards

Even though we haven’t seen a decent Tesco iTunes gift card offer recently, there are still plenty of ways to buy cheap gift cards for for iTunes and iCloud or the Apple Appstore – it’s usually a case of keeping your eye on Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and sometimes even Wilko or Costco. Rarely do we get any discounts from Apple directly. There are some sites, such as CDKeys that offer a ‘permanent’ low price – but the discount is often only pennies, so much that I don’t even bother. Zeek – a market place to buy and sell unwanted/unused gift cards is probably the most reliable right now, offering 5% off iTunes gift cards.

This page is where I keep the current UK iTunes gift card offers – and a list of historical ones – so you can compare just how cheap the current ones are. I believe in buying things when they are cheap – so even if my iTunes credit is not running low, if I see a good offer I’ll generally buy another £10/£25/£50 if it’s cheap enough.

I am no big spender when it comes to iTunes or the Apple App store – I don’t buy many paid apps, and we use Spotify for music so don’t spend much on iTunes either. Even so, in my family we still spend on average £5 per month between us – mainly on iCloud storage (and if you have more than one iCloud account in the family, the bigger capacity plans let you share them between your household). If I can save between 10-20% on every iTunes card I buy over the year, it’s still £5-10 over the year. Better still, I would rather buy 2x £25 gift cards twice a year, than have £4-5 coming out of my bank account each month.

Cheap iTunes Gift Cards – Current and Expired Offers

Cheap iTunes Gift Cards

ShopDetailsExpiry DateGift Card AmountPriceDiscountMinimum Spend
Costco4 x £15 for £49.49n/a£60£49.4917.5%£49.49
Tesco Gift Cards15% off £25 Gift Cardsn/a£25£21.2515%£21.25
By listing all the deals to buy cheap iTunes gift cards, when the next offer appears, you can see if it is a good deal or not. Don't forget to consider Cashback sites in conjunction with the offers in the table to maximise your savings.

Buy a multipack of 4 x £15 iTunes Gift Cards instore at Costco for just £54.99 = 8% discount

Costco is the ‘members only’ warehouse store that has a number of locations in the UK. You do have to have a membership to get in – although their entry requirements aren’t that restrictive, you do still have to pay an annual fee. They sell multipacks of iTunes gift cards at a discount – most commonly you can get 4 x £15 gift cards for £54.99 which is an 8% saving. They are great for Christmas if you have kids in the family – the kids can spend them on music, apps, iCloud, games etc etc.

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