January 26, 2020

Is the current Nespresso free Aeroccino promo a good deal?

Nespresso regularly run promotions and deals to tempt you to buy a machine – but which offer is the best?

The current offer directly from Nespresso is an Inissia machine with Aeroccino for £59 (actually the Aeroccino is free – the machine is £59), when you also buy 150 Nespresso coffee capsules. The headline price of £59 is good – rarely can you buy the Inissia and Aeroccino together for this price – but in this case you also have to buy the 150 capsules to get them for £59.

Is the current Nespresso deal for a free Aeroccino a truly good deal?

The cheapest Nespresso capsules are now 33p each (some others are a little more expensive, but not hugely).

So 150 x 33p = £49.50. Add this to the £59 for the Inissia and you are actually paying £108.50 in total.

Compare this to the ‘better’ Nespresso offers where you can buy a machine (often Inissia) and Aerocciono for £60-80, and get £75 credit to spend on capsules for free. So in that example, you would be getting the same Inissia Nespresso machine and frother, but with more capsules, for approx £30 less. In addition that version of the offer is usually available in retails stores such as Curry’s, John Lewis, Amazon etc, so you can sometimes combine it with cash back or buying gift cards from Zeek and the likes to make it an even better deal. As you can see, if you get £75 credit, thats roughly 220 capsules.

Overall then this is not the greatest model of offer that Nespresso run, however if you are in the market for a new machine, either for yourself or a gift (popular wedding presents!) then it’s better than buying everything separately at full price.

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