January 26, 2020

£15 cashback with a £1 Which? magazine trial and Quidco Price Guarantee

Topcashback are offering £10 cashback when you take a 1 month trial of Which? magazine. Quidco on the other hand are only offering £5 back.

But before you go and follow the TCB offer, you can get more through a simple Quidco offer. This is the best part!

The key here is to use the Quidco Best price guarantee – it’s basically a price match, but they double the difference between their cashback rate and that of TopCashBack.

So in this case you will get £5 as standard from Quidco, plus 2x £5 (twice the difference between topcashback’s £10 and Quidco’s £5), making a very easy £15 for a £1 layout.

Personally I really like the magazine – it offers a lot of detailed, well researched and importantly unbiased reviews of products and services I am interested in – but would never pay the £10.75 a month. In this case you only have to sign up, and then can easily cancel at the end of the subscription.

This offer is only for new customers, and the cashback rules say one per household. Even though this is matching a TCB offer, you don’t need a TCB account. If you haven’t used the Quidco Best Price Guarantee before, it’s surprising easy, and all the details are here.

The Quidco page for the Which Trial is here. And if you don’t already have a Quidco account you can sign up for free here.

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