February 17, 2020

How good is the Nespresso UK Promotion for Winter 2018/19

Nespresso UK Promotion Winter 2018/19Before you go and buy a new machine, read my quick roundup of the Nespresso UK Promotion that they have launched for winter 2018-19, which runs from 24th October 2018 until 31st January 2019. They call it the “Year End Promotion”.

At first look, it doesn’t look like anything to get excited by, in comparison to the £75 Club Reward offers that have been run several times before. I don’t know whether I have been wearing blinkers, but I certainly haven’t seen as much promotion about this variation of the offer as I have done in previous years.

So this offer is split into two versions, one for the Original machines, and another for the Vertuo machines.

  • 120 capsules free when you buy any Nespresso Vertuo machine
  • 150 capsules free when you buy any Original/Classic Nespresso machine
  • AND irrespective of the type of machine, you can claim a free Nespresso travel mug when you buy a further 100 capsules before 31/3/19.

Past offers have given higher rewards when bought with an Aeroccino milk heater/frother, but there doesn’t seem to be the distinction this time around.

You can access the full offer terms and conditions on the Nespresso website here.

What are the free capsules worth?

The Original capsules are priced from 33p each for the standard espresso flavours (which are still my go-to choice) to 41p for the Limited Editions. On the basis you can’t choose, the selection you get is probably worth on average 35p each x 150 capsules = £50 roughly. So it’s actually not much lower than the £60-75 credit that has been offered in previous promotions.

The Vertuo capsules are priced from 39p to 62p, again depending on variety, so because of the bigger price range, it’s a little harder to estimate, but if you take the average to be around 50p per capsule, then your 120 capsules are worth around £60. So while you get less capsules when buying a Vertuo, with each one being more expensive (and larger) you may perceive that you are getting a bigger reward. (Don’t forget that the Vertuo machines are also more expensive).

EDIT: After writing this, I noticed that the Nespresso website values the capsules at £50 for the 150 original, and £60 for the 120 Vertuo capsules – so spot on with my valuation.

In both cases, disappointingly you can’t choose which capsules you get – instead you will be sent a selection. If this is your first machine then maybe that’s no bad thing, as you can try them all and work out which ones you like and which ones you don’t. But in the past you could choose exactly which ones you ordered, and even spend the Club Credit on accessories like cups and saucers, or, better still, biscuits!

I assume there is no delivery cost with the free capsules, whereas in the past promotions, you had to pay for delivery out of your Club Reward credit, so that closes the gap between previous promotions and this one.

Nespresso Vertuo Travel Mug

The free Nespresso Vertuo Travel Mug when you buy 100 capsules before 31/3/19

Is the free Nespresso Travel Mug any good?

I don’t know. I assume the mugs are the same ones that are sold in the Nespresso boutique. The Vertuo mug retails at £19, so you would hope it is reasonable quality. Interestingly this is dishwasher safe, which many aren’t.

I know even less about the ‘original’ travel mug – as I can’t find anything by that name on the website. There is one called the Touch travel mug and the RRP is £18 as stated in the offer details in the T&Cs so could well be this one.

This is what the Nespresso website says about the Touch travel mug:-

TOUCH Travel Mug is a must-have coffee accessory for all those who like to enjoy their Nespresso coffee outside the home. It will keep your Nespresso coffee warm (or cold) while hands stay cool. Innovative urban design and great capacity of maximum 11oz / 345 ml.

Dimensions: Height: 16cm, Base Diameter: 6.5cm, Top Diameter: 8.5cm

Care instructions: This product is dishwasher-safe. Do not put it in a microwave or freezer.

Nespresso Original Touch Travel Mug

The Nespresso Touch travel mug that comes free when buying 100 capsules as part of the 2018 UK Year End Promtoin

And this is what it says about the Vertuo Travel Mug:-


Never without your coffee? Enjoy quality wherever you are with the Vertuo travel mug, created especially for Vertuo machines. Made from double-walled stainless steel for ideal thermal insulation, it holds 13.5oz / 400ml

Care instructions: This product is dishwasher safe, Do not put it in the microwave or freezer.

The Touch is slightly smaller than the Vertuo in terms of capacity (I can’t find the dimensions of the Vertuo mug), but I actually prefer the look of the Touch.

What are the key dates of the Nespresso UK Promotion 2018/19?

Slightly confusingly, there are three sets of dates you need to consider.

You must buy the machine between 24/10/18 and 31/1/19,

You must register your machine for the free capsules before 28/2/19

If you want to take advantage of the free mug, you must buy the second set of capsules before the end of March 2019. This makes some sense as they are allowing you time to drink the original free capsules before buying some more.

How do I register for the Promotion?

It’s actually quite simple, and doesn’t require you to go through as many hoops as some promotions. If you buy directly from Nespresso over the phone, you will be registered and sent the free capsules automatically. Likewise, if you buy from a Nespresso Boutique (stand alone or inside a department store such as Selfridges) you will be given the free capsules there and then. But be warned, you are unlikely to get a good deal on the machines buying direct. I suggest you keep an eye on the likes of Curry’s, Argos, Amazon etc. In that case, you need to take a photo of the receipt/invoice, and register online at www.nespresso.com/UKPromotion.

So – Is this Nespresso promotion any good?

At the start, I said that this offer wasn’t as good as the previous £75 Club Reward credits – and I stick by that. However, it’s probably not as bad as I originally thought. To make the offer better, you need to now combine it with a good deal on a Nespresso Vertuo or Classic machine. The best bit is that this offer is valid not only when buying direct from Nespresso, but it also works when you buy from most high-street or online retailers such as Amazon, Curry’s, John Lewis etc.

If you also take advantage of the free travel mug, then so long as you value the mug at the full RRP of £18/£19, then it’s not a bad gift for spending £40-50, but I wouldn’t go and buy the machine and capsules just to get the mug.

So with Black Friday / Cyber Monday just around the corner, it’s now a waiting game. I will post any new Black Friday deals on the site.


  1. Is this promotion for all purchases or just new members? I have bought a replacement Nespresso machine as the old one was worn out (at John Lewis on 29/12/18) and just registered it on line under ‘my machines’ on member’s website. Nespresso rep had gone home for the day so could not ask…
    Do they send the capsules out automatically? Not really clear?

    Many thanks

    T Dickson

  2. Thanks for the information. I am thinking of buying the one pod delonghi nespresso for £99 in your opinion with the free pods and travel mug a good deal or do you think there is a better deal to be had later in the year?

    • I haven’t actually used this model myself, but I know it has come down a lot in price recently. It was around £200 for quite a while, and then seemed to come down before Christmas, and has stayed at £99 for a month or two now at a few different shops. From what I hear about the machine, there are some mixed reviews – some say that it doesn’t always use the full milk contents (leaving a little in the milk jug), and some others say it leaks. However, with any milk-based machine, you have to give it a wash/rinse every time anyway so a few drips won’t be an issue.
      As the price at John Lewis is also £99, I would suggest you buy from there. They offer a 2 year warranty as standard, so if there are any problems, you don’t need to worry.

      If you do decide to buy from John Lewis, you can get 2% Cashback from TCB – not a lot, but every little helps! Also worth checking your myJohnLewis account, or register if you don’t have one, as there is often a promo to get a £5 voucher when you spend £50 or more.

      Hope that helps, let me know what you do!

      • Sorry, and to answer your question – there will always be another Nespresso promotion in a month or two – but as the article above, the value of the pods is actually not bad. I can’t see the machine coming down in price much lower having dropped from £200+ to £99 – so if you are happy with that price, I would say go for it.

  3. Gutted, John Lewis was constantly out of stock and only managed to secure a machine on the 4th of Feb. Didn’t know the offer finished on 31st Jan. I bought the more expensive option because of the £50ish saving/free pods.

    Best learn to check the minuscule print 👎🏼

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