February 17, 2020

Using the Quidco Highest Cashback Guarantee to the best effect

Quidco, one of the two most prominent cash back operators in the UK, runs a kind of best price promise launched originally in 2015.

If you are smart and time it right, you can make some considerable savings using this promise.

The Quidco Highest Cashback Guarantee

If you find a higher applicable cashback rate for your purchase on any other UK cashback site, Quidco will double the difference.

The Quidco version is called the Highest Cashback Guarantee. It basically says if topcashback (TCB) is offering a better rate, with like for like terms, if you go ahead and make your purchase using the Quidco link, Quidco will pay double the difference between TCB and Quidco cashback deals, on top of the original Quidco cashback. Note my emphasis on double the difference between Quidco and TopCashBack, not double the rate itself. Also note that you have to make a claim for the price promise, which also has its risks of being declined.

For example, if TCB is offering 10%, and Quidco only 5%, then if successful you will get the standard 5% from Quidco plus 10-5= 5 x 2 = 10%, making 15% in total. This also applies where the cashback is offered as a fixed £ amount instead of a % of the transaction amount. (Sometimes this works out better on small value purchases). So if those numbers in the example were £ instead of %, you would get £15 instead of £5.

When should you, and when should you not make a price promise claim?

Most of the time, quidco and TCB have very similar deals for each merchant – in terms of percentages of sale value, or straight £5/10/£20 cashback, there is likely to be very little difference – maybe 1-2% or £1-2 depending on the merchant. Even when doubling that difference, it often isn’t worth making the claim. Particularly with smaller valued purchases, you aren’t missing out a great deal by just choosing whichever standard cashback offer pays the most for less hassle. As with standard cashback, the price promises aren’t guaranteed and you need to study the fine print of both deals to be sure you are comparing apples with apples.

What are the best price promise opportunities?

The best opportunities come when either of the cashback providers are running a promotion that is significantly better than the other. This means the difference is greater, and therefore doubling the difference can be substantial. This is especially true when cashback is offered as a percentage, and you are buying a big ticket item. (Example – I was looking at buying a Macbook for ~£1000 when TCB ran a flash promotion offering 10% cash back at Curry’s, and quidco were only offering 1%. In that case, using the quidco price promise would have given me (10-1)= 9 x2= 18%, plus the original 1, so 19% in total.)

I regularly review the promotions run by Quidco  and TopCashback to identify any smart price promise opportunities, and post them on this site. So sign up to receive new posts by mail, or using a news feed reader ski you don’t miss out.

How to minimise the risk of my claim being rejected.

If you have been using cashback sites you will know that cashback companies often reject or decline cashback for various reasons. Particularly with the price promise guarantees, I would highly recommend taking screenshots of both the Quidco and TopCashback sites showing the full terms and conditions at the time of making the purchase, as well as the cashback rates offered by each program. In the event your claim is declined, you can then refer back to your evidence to increase there chance of your ‘appeal’ being approved.

If you have had experience, successful or not, when claiming against one of these best price promises, please add your comments below.

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